This website portfolio showcases a diverse array of visualizations crafted to illustrate intricate patterns in (predominantly) time-use data. The graphics illuminate topics like the gender division in housework, activity preferences throughout the day, and regional distributions, all while leveraging advanced visualization techniques such as chord diagrams, dynamic maps, and moving paths.

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Visualization 1


Visualization 2

Taiwan Path

Visualization 3


Visualization 4

Path D3.new

Map 1

US Map

Infographic 1


Visualization 5


Infographic 2

APC Dementia

Visualization 6

Gender Gap Coefficients

Infographic 3

Cannabis Immediate Effects Paper


Family Caregivers: Sequences


Workshop on Visualizations: Chords

Map 2

Workshop on Visualizations: US Map

About Kamila

Assistant Professor at Western University, Canada

Dr. Kamila Kolpashnikova is an Assistant Professor at Western University with a Ph.D. in Sociology from UBC (2017). Her primary research interests are time use among older adults, gendered division of housework, and North American and East Asian societies. In 2023, Dr. Kolpashnikova was awarded the SSHRC Insight Grant for her work on the division of unpaid work among retired older adults. She is a former recipient of the VISTA Fellowship at York University, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship at the University of Oxford (2019-2022), the Japanese Government Monbukagakusho Scholarship (2006-2011), and the Taiwan Government Fellowship (2018).

Research Interests:

  • Time-use research and visualizations
  • Gender inequality in unpaid work
  • Fear of falling in aging societies

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